about Kia

Kia Sofia Borst (also known as Kia Sofia Szpak) was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1994. From a young age Kia loved to perform. When the family moved to the Netherlands, she started taking acting classes and soon thereafter began figure skating lessons. She holds triple citizenship to the United States of America, Canada and the Netherlands and travels frequently.

Throughout her figure skating career, she was known as the Broadway girl on ice. Always ready for a performance, Kia scored podium finishes and entertained the crowds at shows. She also landed her first lead acting roles in both film and stage productions.

In 2016 she moved to Montreal, Canada where she completed her BFA in Theater Performance from Concordia University with distinction. Her education, although heavily movement-based, also incorporated voice-work/singing and introduced her to the Meisner technique. Still passionate about figure skating, Kia competed and performed with the McGill Figure Skating Team.

After graduating, she moved to New York, where she starred in the Off-Off Broadway production ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ (winner of the Boo! – Short Play Festival 2017). That year, the short film ‘Limbo’ directed by Mark J. Pragai was officially selected for multiple festivals, a story in which she portrays a tantalizing demon.

Her life turned upside down when she was hired for Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream. She toured all over the US, Canada, Mexico and China as a professional figure skater and live host for two years. FELD Entertainment also asked her to host Monster Jam in Belgium where she performed in English, Dutch and French.

Just this past year, Kia led a theatre workshop for children and still teaches skating. In memory of her mother, Kia got certified in aquatic bodywork therapy called WATSU. More recently, she starred as a roller skating waitress in an upcoming Dutch feature film directed by Cyrion Willems. However, these days you can find her roller skating down the boardwalks of San Diego.